Apr 22

General rules as a Buyer


Edited: Apr 22

Yes, there are things you should follow.


Do your research. Know who you are buying from.

If you get scammed, it is on you.

Overnight shipping does not mean you will get your package the day after you order. It means when it is shipped you should receive it the following day.

Communication is key. Confirm with the buyer on payment being received, set expectation on ship date.

If you do not get your order, COMMUNICATE with the buyer.

Do not come on the page and start bad mouthing sellers unless you have tried to communicate on 2-3 attempts and then receive no response.

I know the feeling of anticipation but be patient. For a lot of sellers this is a hobby, not a job.


Charge backs can be a slippery slop. If you received your order and request a refund, you will be banned.


We do not condone "brown boxing" request.

What you do outside of the forum is on you, and as stated before if you get scammed it is on you.


If you need a mediator, ask, we will do what we can.

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  • As a the seller: Post a single list and delete any previous lists. Provide a location. List payment methods. List shipping methods. do not ask for "friends and family" payments through paypal. This is a hobby for a lot of people but you are selling goods and services. Don't like it? Don't post your sale. TOS - Term of Sale including LAG or NO LAG. Be clear and concise. Update your list as things sell out and/or if you need to add anything. Your mistake in wording may comeback and haunt you so proof your ads. If you get a sale, communicate with the buyer until the package is received and the items purchased are considered "received in good order" the onus is on you to provide any details and make good on your sale. Please do not come on the forum bashing a buyer without 1st attempting to resolve any issues with them We do not condone "brown boxing". What you do outside of the forum is on you and if it gets back to us you will be banned. If you need a mediator, ask, we will do what we can.
  • Simple: Be cordial and courteous. Keep vulgar to a minimum and please refrain from name calling. What works for you may not work for others and just because there is a difference of opinion doesn't make one right over the other. If you state your difference, great, move on. This is a fairly new hobby and things are continually proving to be good or bad. Relax this should be a fun hobby. Have some fun!!! If you are conducting sale there are rules there that should be followed. Same goes for buyers.