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What is an APHIS PPQ526 permit?

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Short answer: It is a permit required by the USDA to track, what is considered pest species isopod, sales across state lines.

Long answer: It is a permit that is issues to a seller, by the USDA, to help understand the movement through interstate sales of what they have deemed 30 particular pest species of isopods.

What does having the permit mean?

  • You now are able to legally ship any of the 30 pest species isopods across statelines.

  • You understand the what is considered proper housing, disposal, and shipping requirements by USDA standards.

  • You have received the USDA one page pamphlet that is required to be included in any interstate sales of isopods.

  • You accept the responsibilities placed on you to avoid one of the 30 pest species from potentially becoming invasive in any local ecosystem.

Does having the PPQ526 permit allow me to import isopods?

  • No, importation of any animal requires a different permit. There are also many other laws and fees required when importing animals.

Does having the PPQ526 permit allow me to ship isopods internationally?

  • No, exporting animals to other countries requires a whole different set of laws from other countries that need to be understood and followed.


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