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Merulanella sp. Red Diablo

Merulanella sp. Red Diablo


Scientific Name: Merulanella sp.

Common Name: Red Diablo

Origin: Vietnam

Qty per container: Quantity ordered

Adult Size: 12 mm / 0.5 in

Reproduction rate: Fast


Species is characterized by a large body with a yellow/black blotched pattern with red skirting.  It is not a burrowing species and will be found in groups congregating in leaf litter or under flat bark. It has been observed in groups of two to three. 


Temperature can range from 70°-78° Fahrenheit. Higher temperatures can cause stress and rapid death rate.


Food items offered are mango and carrots with success. Dry food powder/gel with high calcium and protein content.


Substrate should be damp and offer plenty of cover like flat bark or an area of leaf litter for the best environment. 

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