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Porcellio scaber Orange Dalmation

Porcellio scaber Orange Dalmation


Scientific Name: Porcellio scaber

Common Name: Orange Dalmation Scaber

Origin: Worldwide

Qty per container: 10

Adult Size: 18mm / 0.71 in

Reproduction rate: Medium


Scaber morph originated from Orange Scaber. it is a characteristic dalmation with small areas of orange and no black splothes like Scaber Koi. It is medium bodied and does not conglobulate.  It will however tuck its legs in and appear to be dead, when indeed it is not.  It is a moderate reproduction rate species.  It can handle some arid soils but does not do good in bioactie setups with heat lamps.  


Kept on organic soils with some depth as mancae will burrow.  

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