Porcellio sp. Witch's Brew

Porcellio sp. Witch's Brew


Scientific Name: Porcellio sp. Ornatus

Common Name: Witch's Brew

Origin: Spain

Qty per container: Quantity ordered

Adult Size: 19 mm / 0.75 in

Reproduction rate: Fast


This species is a larger body species.  It is characterized by a clear/white body accented by yellow skirt and black splotching. 


Temperature can range from 75-80 is adequate but I find not only require decent ventilation but aitflow is key to keep air from stagnating and lead to possible stress issues.  Can be kept on a biit drier side but do require a portion of their tank to be wet.  


Feeding on carrots with success.  Dry food powder/gel with high calcium and protien content.


Offer plenty of cover like flat cork bark or an area of leaf litter for the best environment.  Mancea will have a tendency to burrow and will eventually become foragagers on top of the substrate.  Adults will be out and about but have a tendency to mass under barks hids offered.